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Affirmative Action Resources

What we're saying about affirmative action

John C. Yang, "Affirmative Action Benefits Everyone -- Including Asian Americans." Huffington Post (May 14, 2018)
Mattew Cregor & Nicole Ochi, “Justice Dept. has fight on its hands in challenging diversity at Harvard,” Boston Globe (August 8, 2017).
Stewart Kwoh & Mee Moua, “On Affirmative Action, Asian Americans ‘Are Not Your Wedge,’” NBC News (July 19, 2016)

What others are saying about affirmative action

Asha Lewis, "Law school panel discusses ethics of affirmative action." The Michigan Daily (November 7, 2018)
Megana Sekar and Julia Shapero, "UCLA community members consider ramifications of Harvard admissions lawsuit." Daily Bruin (November 2, 2018)
Patricia Hurtado, "Defending Harvard in Asian-American Bias Case: Asian-Americans." Bloomberg (October 29, 2018)
Leslie Berenstein Rojas, "SoCal Asians Do Not Agree About Harvard's Affirmative Action Case." LAist (October 15, 2018)
Alia Wong, “Harvard’s Impossible Personality Test.” The Atlantic (June 19, 2018)
“Lawsuit Update: A Look Behind the Hype.” Coalition for a Diverse Harvard
Janelle Wong and David Silver, “Telling the wrong story about racial discrimination in education.” Boston Globe (June 18, 2018)
Natasha Warikoo, "You're not going to get accepted into a top university on merit alone." The Conversation (December 13, 2017)
Charmaine Runes, "#NotYourModelMinority: Asian Americans in the affirmative action debate" Urban Institute (August 3, 2017)



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