Asian Americans Advancing Justice Responds to Daily Beast Coverage of Ferguson Unrest

Asian Americans Advancing Justice issues the following statement in response to the Daily Beast’s August 20, 2014 story, “Ferguson’s Other Race Problem: Riots Damaged Asian-Owned Stores”:

“In the coming weeks, we will likely hear stories from Ferguson about ongoing protests by African American community members and allies, similar to the days following the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles,” said Stewart Kwoh, Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles, on behalf of the Advancing Justice affiliation. “At that time, the media pitted communities of color against one another. We cannot allow this to happen again. This is about dangerous, harmful law enforcement practices and the need to end racially motivated police practices that target communities of color. The Asian American and Pacific Islander community stands with the African American community in this fight."

Quincy Surasmith, Communications Coordinator: 213-241-0259; [email protected]
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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