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NBC News: Complaint Filed Against Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown Alleging Discrimination

May 23 2016

The complaint, drafted by the Asian American Coalition for Education, accuses the three Ivy League schools of denying admission to Asian-American students with near-perfect SAT scores and GPAs in the top one percent while accepting applicants of other races with similar accolades. The groups also allege that racial quotas and caps are used to maintain "ideal racial balances" that have kept the percentage of Asian-American students at these schools unchanged over the last two decades.

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NBC News: Bakery Owners Defiant Despite Court Order to Pay $15 Million in Human Trafficking Suit

May 19 2016

In their first public comment since a federal court ordered them to pay $15.3 million in damages to 11 workers, the owners of the Los Angeles-area L'Amande bakeries insist they are the ones being victimized in the ordeal.

"The default judgment is a miscarriage of justice, brought about by the abuse of both the justice and immigration systems by the plaintiffs and their lawyers," Analiza Moitinho de Almeida told NBC News in an e-mail.

Almeida contends the suit was a ploy by the workers to enrich themselves and change their immigration status.

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Politico: Ralph Nader declares war on Harvard

May 19 2016

At 82, Ralph Nader is still doing two things he’s got some experience at: running for office and making liberals hopping mad.

This time, he’s not seeking the presidency, but a post that could help shape the nation’s elite: a seat on Harvard University’s board of overseers.

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A Community of Contrasts: Asian Americans 50 and Older

May 18 2016

Those who work with older adults may generally know that the population is growing in size very quickly. In fact, Los Angeles County’s entire 50-plus population grew 28% between 2000 and 2010. What most people don’t know is that the Asian American 50-plus population grew 56% during the same time. In contrast, the entire population of Los Angeles County saw 3% growth during this time while the general Asian American population saw 20% growth.

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Undocumented Children in Calif. Now Eligible for Health Care

May 17 2016

LOS ANGELES — Thousands of low-income children in California, regardless of their immigration status, are now eligible for full-scope Medi-Cal coverage beginning this week.

The health care expansion, known as “Health for All Kids,” was rolled out on Monday, May 16, and will benefit approximately 250,000 children under 19 years old.

An estimated 185,000 undocumented children are expected to enroll this year.

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Orange County Home to Third-Largest Asian American Population in U.S.

May 17 2016

In a sprawling county of 3 million residents, today there are nearly 600,000 Asian Americans, marking a 41% increase from 2000 to 2010.

When the Chinese School in Irvine opened in the 1970s as a home for teaching the native language and culture, only 30 students filled a handful of rented classrooms.

Now, it has its own campus — bursting with more than 1,200 students. It's a reflection of the explosive growth of Orange County's Asian population, which a new study now ranks as the third-largest in the nation, after Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties.

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Judge Awards $15.2 Million to Exploited Filipino Workers

May 15 2016

Eleven Filipino workers were awarded over $15 million in a lawsuit against their former employers, whose claim of labor exploitation and human trafficking was uncontested

The workers were trafficked to the United States to serve as domestic servants and back-of-the-house employees at two high-end bakeries owned by defendants Analiza and Goncalo Moitinho de Almeida.

“Because of this judgment, all the heartache and suffering we had to endure because of Ana’s greed has not been for nothing,” said Gina Pablo, one of the workers.

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Advancing Justice-LA Celebrates 10 Years at Orange County Office

May 13 2016

Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles (Advancing Justice-LA) on May 12 celebrated several decades of work in Orange County and the 10th anniversary of its Orange County office (Advancing Justice-OC). Held at 28, a popular Irvine restaurant owned by “Top Chef” Shirley Chung, this second annual luncheon highlighted the organization’s Orange County programs and services as well as honored individuals and institutions that have made a significant impact in the Orange County community. Funds raised from the awards luncheon will support Advancing Justice-OC.

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L.A. bakery owners ordered to pay $15.3 million for abuse of workers on visas

May 13 2016

The owners of the now-shuttered L’Amande French Bakery that operated in Beverly Hills and Torrance have been ordered to pay nearly $15.3 million in damages for exploiting 11 Filipino workers.

U.S. District Judge Fernando Olguin on May 2 granted a default judgment to the workers, who claimed they were trafficked to the United States to serve as domestic servants and under-the-table employees at two bakeries owned by defendants Analiza and Goncalo Moitinho de Almeida.

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